June 2019


Best Narrative Short: Rise from the Tide (Yang Liu and Xu Mingsheng)
Best Documentary: Big Lies (Igor Runov)
Best Indie Film: The Avant-Gardener (Lindsay Catalanello)
Best Music Video: ACS France (Jonathan Galland)
Best Director: Dancing on Black and White (John Li)
Best Cinematography: You’re Still Here (Farshad Mohammadi)
Best Editing: Under The Blade (Nima Shaeri)
Best Original Score: Broken Treasures (Ron Jones)
Best First Time Director: Wasted Hours (Peter Mahaffey)
Best Student Film: The Difference (YuBin Zheng)
Best Screenplay: The Flowers Of Rose (Jerry Brown)
Best Actor: The Vulture (Kondor Shekari)
Best Actress: Is love enough? (Eric Weber)

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